Monday, October 20, 2014

Isabelle birth-6 months

Sweet baby Isabelle at 8 days old

Yep, this is the best photo I could take of her on her 1 month birthday. haha

At around 2 months old you started to sleep really well through the night. I even figured out a good nap/awake time for you which made you a much happier baby. :) 

At 3 months she started to grow back some of the hair she had lost.

Happy little 5 month old

Proud big sister and 6 month old.

New tricks:

You love...
  • rolling over
  • pulling on mommy's hair
  • taking a bath
  • playing in your exersaucer
  • laughing at your big sister and doggy
  • chasing your sister acting like a shark 
  • grabbing EVERYTHING

Wow! She's 6 months already. Time really does fly! At the same time it's exciting to see her learn new tricks and I just love her smiles and giggles. It's a joy to see the girls "play" together. Sophia has started this funny thing with her asking Isabelle to play, she'll say in an excited voice with a big smile, "So you wanna play?" Then Isabelle will just smile or laugh at her big sister. 

The months have been moving quickly but at the same time the days can be long. It's been quite a new adventure with two little girls. It's been an interesting transition to have Pat travel so much with his job starting when Isabelle was just 2 weeks old. He never had to travel for work and then on top of that now we had two little ones. 

I'm so thankful for God's blessings through this journey. Having support has truly been a blessing. Sometimes my father-in-law stayed with us while Pat was traveling and sometimes my mom. It was a huge help to have my niece stay with us two days a week over the summer. I'm very thankful for the people God strategically placed in our lives. So, here's a big heartfelt thank you to everyone that has supported us, prayed for us, brought meals to us, helped us, and encouraged us through this journey. 

Thank you Lord for blessing us with two little girls!

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