Friday, January 23, 2015

Isabelle at 9 months

Here are your new tricks at 8 months old:

1- You learned to crawl on all four's
2-You ate your first mum mum
3-realized your love for avocados and strawberries. Although you still want mommy to feed you small pieces of strawberry instead of picking them up with your little two finger pincher grip (a new skill you have acquired).
4-You suddenly think your big sister is the coolest person in the world and that means you have to go after all of her toys and even go after her.
5-I love the way you "chew" your food by saying "mmm" it's just one of the *sweetest* things ever!
6-I love how we share an avocado together. You're so excited eating like a big girl you yell at me if I'm too slow at feeding it to you or if I walk away to get something. You have even gotten your sister to like avocado again because you think it's so delicious.
7-You love to take a bath and try to grab the bubbles and grab the water as it comes out into the tub. You don't mind water splashing you in the face like your sister does. I think this skill will make you a great swimmer and maybe even a triathlete someday. hehe
8-You love to pull up on just about *everything* including your big sister's trampoline, her rocking chair and anything else you can find that's near you.'

Here are your 9 month photos...

One of your favorite "toys" are socks! I don't know why but you love to crawl right over to a sock if you see one on the floor and play with it. 

She's so tickled with herself when she climbs up on her big sister's trampoline.

So, at 9 months what will be next?
Now you can feed yourself avocado with a spoon! 

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