Sunday, March 24, 2013

Francie's 5K

Today was our first race together. I have not competed in a race since the Columbia triathlon in May 2011. I was so excited that Sophia got to run with me in the race. 

 Family photo before the race

The race was held at the Middletown park
 My little race buddy after the race. Yay, we finished! We finished in 29 mintues.

It was such a cold, cold race. I can't wait for the weather to start acting more like spring than winter. It felt so good to race even if it was just a 5K. Races get me so excited. One thing I forgot about a race is how tired you get afterwards. I'll have to remind myself of that fact for the next race.

Are you ready for a race? :)  You can do it!

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Ok, so I'm a little late posting about her birthday but it's been a busy weekend! :) It's hard to believe that our little miracle came into our lives a year ago. We are so thankful for all our family and friends supporting us this year.

We had pizza and cake with family Friday evening. We will have her birthday celebration next Saturday.

I couldn't get her to smile much in these pictures but I did get some action shots because she is on the "move" these days.

Things she loves:
1. Talking!
2. Animals
3. Apparently she is a fan of cake ;)
4. Books!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Choosing to see the beauty

Today I was driving to meet Patrick at a house he is working on. I "accidentally" drove the longer way to meet him. I drove through several farms instead of getting on the highway. The highway would have been a little faster but I would have missed the beautiful drive. 

It's funny how we often try to take the "short cut" in life but miss the "ride" along the way. The beauty of what I saw turned my attitude around. Right now we are going through a new transition. Transitions are hard but after the transition things get better. I love how God can touch your heart and speak to you using simple things like a car ride.

When I look at this last picture I just see the words, "A road to a new beginning". These pictures just remind me of God's love for us. Please "see" how God loves you today. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

A weekend of “firsts”

Yesterday I passed my personal trainer certification! I studied for a month. I’m so thankful I passed. I’m glad my love for fitness will help other people. I will be teaching stroller strides classes every Wednesday. It’s a work-out for moms with their babies in strollers. Stroller stride classes are held across the United States. If you get a chance to check a class out you should try it! You sing songs to keep the kids engaged and mommies get a work out and get to be with other mommies. It’s a great way to meet other people that live in your community.

Saturday we gave Sophia tastes of ice cream for the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed being fed an ice cream cone by her daddy. 

Patrick also helped her crawl up the stairs for the first time. Up until now she really would just go to the first stair and look up to the top of the stairs. I really have not encouraged her to learn how to climb the stairs but she was ready last night. A little later in the evening I was doing something in the kitchen and she was playing in the family room. I could hear her playing and I would check back in with her. All of the sudden everything got quiet. I went into the family room and then looked up the stairs and there was Sophia at the top of the stairs smiling and crawling all around the hallway as proud as could be. Silly girl! Ok, so that was scary and needless to say the baby gates are up in full force.

Today is also Sophia’s first St. Patrick’s day. Last year she was supposed to arrive before St. Patrick’s day but she was a week late.
She went to the nursery at church today for the first time. Usually we keep her with us during the church service but she is getting to be at an age where she wants to play. She had a lot of fun playing with new toys and new people. I’m so proud of her. When did you take your little one to the nursery for the first time?

I love experiencing Sophia’s firsts. :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring 2013

We had gorgeous spring weather this weekend. I can't believe it snowed on Wednesday and this weekend it was 60 degrees. 

I just had to post some pictures of our spring "adventures". We were outside the whole weekend and it felt great! We went to two parks Saturday and Cunningham falls on Sunday.

This photo was taken at the park near our house.
He was writing in her name in the sand at the beach at Cunningham falls.
"Walking" on the beach

Cunningham falls

Love this sweet face

Making funny faces      

I love how warm weather and sunshine can totally rejuvenate you. Sophia is getting to be an age where she can do more and we can have more fun doing active things. So, Pat and I are really looking forward to spring and summer. 


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!!

It snowed today!!

Today was Sophia's first snow day. She honestly wasn't too fond of the snow. She must be just like her parents. :) We enjoy being out in the sunshine but we're not big fans of snow.

 She did like being pulled in the "sled". Scotty loves the snow and made her laugh.

These days one of her favorite things to do is read her animal books. It's so funny to see her get excited about animals. Her favorite animals seem to be dogs and pandas. I just love how she is showing her personality more and more each day.