Friday, February 28, 2014

31 weeks and growing...

Here I am in my lovely "uniform" work-out gear. This photo was taken after I got my hair done. This is only the second time in 2 years that my hair has been curled. Can you believe I don't know how to use a curling iron? Does anyone want to teach me? :)

Today I counted the days until my due date. 62 days, people! I know my due date doesn’t mean much, but it helps to start a count down. I can’t wait to shed this “fat suit” baby belly (haha) and of course see my beautiful baby girl!

How do I feel right now?: Huge! I'm seriously thinking, how can I get bigger? I mean I know I will, but still…
I'm trying to keep a good attitude and trying to stay positive. To keep a positive attitude I am looking at the upcoming 9-10 weeks at 3 week intervals. So basically I have 3 sets of 3 weeks ahead of me. So when I get through the next three weeks I can say I have 2/3 left. It's just a mind game -- whatever works, right?

I did get to see baby girl this week at our ultrasound appointment. I didn't get to see her face because her hand was so close to her face. (I guess she was cuddling) Everything looked good though and she is a little over 3 lbs. I even got to see her practice breathing -- that was really sweet!

Spin class: I'm still taking spin class 2-3 times a week. Spinning is harder than it was before and I've had to adjust my bike setup to accomodate my changing body. My intensity has lowered, of course. It is a great work-out because it is good on your joints. I ran a little last week and then did the stair climber, and for the rest of the day I was really sore. So I think I'll stay away from the stair climber. I don't feel bad after I take a spin class, I actually feel pretty good because it helps me feel a little "normal". Of course, I can’t make it through a 45 minute class without using the restroom.

Running: I can still run 1.5 miles maybe once or twice a week.

Walking: I try to walk on the treadmill when I can usually for about a mile, or if we're stuck inside because of a snow storm I've been able to do 2 miles. 

Some of my favorite products lately...

     1.  Arbonnne RE-9 Advanced Skincare
Here is a picture of the whole set. It consists of: the smoothing facial cleanser, regenerating toner, intensive renewal serum, corrective eye cream, restorative day cream, and night repair cream. 

My favorites from the set are: the intensive renewal serum, corrective eye cream and night repair cream. Who doesn't want some extra help around the eye area? ;) I only started using RE-9 advanced this past September but I fell in love with the products and have totally seen a difference in my skin. 

Let me know if you want any samples, I'd be happy to share!

I would absolutely recommend this pillow to anyone who is pregnant. It has really helped me sleep well through the night. I did not have this pillow for my first pregnancy and wish I had bought it sooner. I didn't think I needed a body pillow for my first pregnancy and didn't start to use one until I was about 33 weeks -- what was I thinking?

3.  Leggings

Leggings are so incredibly comfortable!

4.   Old Navy maternity active wear tank tops, aka my “uniform”

5.    My new lisa lenoard necklace

Pat got me this necklace for Valentine's Day. It has both the girls name on it and I love it! :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I think it snows every Valentine's Day. I can remember canceling Valentine's day parties at school and having to re-schedule them. 

Let's be honest, I think we're all pretty sick of snow by now but we're all just trying to make the best out of it. It could be a lot worse. I'm truly thankful we didn't lose power. I'm also really glad Pat stayed home from work yesterday, it helped a lot because I didn't feel well. 

We had a mini-Valentine's Day photo shoot this morning before daddy went to work...

Dancing with daddy

We actually got out of the house today and bought some crafts. She had a blast with her new art supplies.

She gives me this face a lot! "Help me, mom!"

This actually kept her busy for about 30 minutes. 

The finished products

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Snow on Snow on Snow

Every time Pat went outside to shovel Sophia would grab her hat and mittens and start putting them on. Then she'd bring me her boots and ask me to help.

She desperately wanted to use the snow blower. In fact, she was quite disappointed when I had to take her inside to let daddy finish snow blowing by himself. 

"That's not how you shovel, dad."

Cuddling with mommy and her baby sister

This long, snowy winter reminds me of these wonderful books that young readers would enjoy....

Who doesn't love a good Jan Brett book?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow lately...

Learning our colors using the snow...

Mixing colors is *snow* much fun!

Our backyard: these pictures were taken at sunset the day after the ice storm. We had so much ice on the mountain. So pretty, yet so dangerous.

Our little bucket head. We are thankful to our friends who let us stay with them while we were out of power after the ice storm. She *had* to take this bucket from their house as we were leaving. She has loved carrying it around and now  enjoys wearing it on her head. 

Lila and Sophia play date

Chronicles of a cousin's play date with an almost 2 year old and almost 1 1/2 year old. 

Taking turns pushing each other in the car

Enough dinner dad, "put this bucket/hat on my head"

Tickles for everyone!

He looks so innocent.

Lila and Sophia taught Uncle Pat how to slither across the floor.

And, now it's time for bed...