Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas day with the Hannon family

We visited my grandfather and grandma Helen Christmas afternoon. Here is a picture of Sophia and her cousin Anna. 
Anna is so great with little ones
Then we went back to our house to have dinner with Pat's family. 
The girls dancing
Aunt Kathy showing Sophia how to play with her new phone

Who doesn't wear a hat with their headband?
Just a little dancing...

She loves mittens

G-Bob is a happy guy because he got new mugs with pictures of his grandchildren.

We had a wonderful Christmas spending time with family over the course of two days. I hope everyone had a fabulous time with family and friends. 

Merrry Christmas!

Christmas morning at our house

The night before Christmas...
She woke up Christmas morning kind of grouchy and threw a fit on the floor and then realized there were presents under the tree. She decided to play with the gifts...
These were her favorite gifts to play with even though neither of them were for her

The cutest little Toms shoes

A new Sophia mug
And he's thrilled about his new jeans

We finished the morning with a juice using my new juicer! I absolutely love my new juicer and actually so does Sophia. She has loved all the juices I've made so far. At least I know she's getting some good fruits and veggies. 

Christmas Eve brunch with the Phillips family

Every Christmas Eve we have a Christmas brunch tradition with my siblings to exchange gifts with our families. 

The three youngest girls

All the cousins

Dylyn and her mommy with Sophia photo bombing the picture

Grandaddy and Grandma Helen
Julie, Cat & Joe

Cat was a nice cousin and helped Sophia open her gifts
And, here is a favorite new toy

Santa greeting, Christmas 2013

We went to the Christmas Craft Show at the Frederick fairgrounds. We decided to take Sophia to see Santa even though we know she didn't like him last year.

Pat read her books about Santa in the car ride over to the show. We had heard wonderful things about this Santa, about how gentle he is with the children and how he talks to the kids. It was also nice because you didn't have to pay for pictures to see him like you do when you visit the Santa at the mall. 

When we got there Pat and Sophia walked around the craft show while I waited in line. The line wasn't too long, but there's really no time limit with Santa so some of the kids chatted with Santa for a long time. 

Then I took a turn walking around with Sophia while Pat waited in line for Santa. Here are some pictures of our experience...
Checking out the Christmas tree

This was her reaction after seeing Santa for the first time while we were waiting in line.
The stuffed animals kept her distracted while we waited in line.

About to go see Santa and she looks thrilled
Still not a fan...