Monday, January 21, 2013

Belated birthday gift

Thankful for the people in my life...

Saturday I got a facial. It was a wonderful birthday gift from my husband and his family. I don't do things like this for myself very often. It was so refreshing and rejuvenating to go to the spa. I like to take care of my skin. What spa treatment would you get?

My mom came over Saturday morning for a visit. It was so nice to have her over and to play with Sophia. 

My father-in-law came for a visit in the evening. He brought fruit to make smoothies. I love smoothies-they are so healthy!

This past fall God really put the words "less is more" in my heart. It's certainly true. Since I am not working this year we have cut down on expenses. We also don't have the time to go out as much as we used to before Sophia was born. However, the things that we do are much more special.  It just makes me a little more aware of how family visits are truly wonderful. I savor the special treats like a facial that happen now and then.

I think it's truly important to say thanks to God for the things in your life. What are you thankful for?

 I love impromptu photo shoots. These pictures were taken at my church. We were waiting for Pat to finish stacking chairs in the sanctuary after the service. We were waiting for him in the lobby. However, Sophia was desperate to get to him. So I took her to the sanctuary and held her hands so she could stand up. She was so proud of herself standing and watching all the movement of the chairs being stacked. Then after the chairs were put away we played some "basketball". Well, she had fun dribbling and shooting for the basket with her daddy. 


  1. I love smoothies too, but am lazy about actually making them :). I love the picture of you and Sophia-beautiful! I am thankful to God for sunshine, silly moments with Anna Ruth, and cuddles with Betsy Grace.

  2. Thank you!

    Do you have the magic bullet? Smoothies are easier to make with the magic bullet. To prepare ahead of time you can clean/cut your fruit and put it in the cup, put a lid on it and store in the fridge until you want to make the smoothie. :)

    Thanks for sharing what you are thankful for!

  3. Loving your blog, Christa!! You can count me as one of your groupies:)

  4. Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :)