Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Princess Birthday Party for the girls

We had a fabulous celebration for the girls' birthday party. Sophia requested a "pink" party and she loves princesses so I thought the pink princess theme was a no brainer. She absolutely agreed and loved the theme as well. I'm so thankful that it turned out to be such a gorgeous day. It rained pretty much the entire week so praise God we had gorgeous weather the day of the party. 

We got the food and cupcakes from Wegmans just like last year and once again were pleased with how everything turned out. My grandmother made the girls' "smash cakes" and a sheet cake. I thought it was sweet that she made the first cake Isabelle ever tasted. 

I got Isabelle's first birthday chalkboard from Esty. I bought the full size image for $15 then had the poster developed at Costco for $5 and bought the frame on sale at JoAnn's. 

My grandparents got the girls' the children's picnic table and they love it! Of course the first thing Isabelle did when Pat set it up was climb on top of the table. Pat says she's like a cat that just needs to be up high. We have to keep a close eye on that girl. 

Thanks for your help decorating!
Isabelle's month photos displayed

Family picture! See Isabelle's poor little nose? The night before her party she fell on a little chair she was climbing. She's a trooper.

Cousins playing in the sandbox

Isabelle was not a fan of her first pony ride
Although, her sister loved her pony ride!

My grandfather

The moonbounce and ponies were Pat's idea. D & D Pony Rides were very affordable and did an excellent job. We would defintely use them again.  

Sophia's friend, Emery, from school

Can you tell they're sisters?

She didn't care too much for the icing but she did like the cake.

Yep, here's the climber that thinks she's a cat.

Goodie bags for the kiddos. With all the commotion of the party I forgot to hand them out until towards the end of the party. 

Beautiful family!

I wish I got more family photos!

These pictures I took from my phone...

One happy girl


G - Bob aka B - Bob

This was the morning of their party

Enjoying some dinner the night before the party

On the day of Isabelle's actual birthday (Monday the 13th) we had a picnic lunch at Surreybrooke and then walked around the children's garden. 

Thanks for everyone's support we had a great time celebrating! I wish I could have taken more pictures of everyone. 

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