Monday, May 6, 2013

Frederick Half Marathon

         Yesterday was the Frederick Half Marathon. It was a beautiful day for a great race.

         Since I had to be at the race so early I drove myself to the race and Pat and Sophia came later and met me at the finish line. I have to say I was highly impressed that he was able to get Sophia up, fed, dressed and out the door quickly. He has never gotten her up early in the morning, give her breakfast and get out the door. He did an amazing job and I’m very thankful.

         The race was crowded! There were over 4,000 runners. I love that it was a local race. There were so many people cheering throughout the entire race which made the time go by fast. I also could not believe the amount of people I saw while I was running the course. It was nice seeing my friends at mile 3 who were volunteering at the water station. At mile 7 they surprised me and ran about a half a mile with me. They were actually running home after volunteering at the water station but decided to run with me a bit. It was so nice!

        When I finally reached mile 10 I felt so relieved because I knew there were only 3 miles left until the finish line where I could hug Sophia and Pat. Mile 10 and 11 were probably the longest. I started thinking how hard this race was but then I realized that it’s nothing compared to childbirth! I have heard so many moms say to me, “I don’t know how I could run a half marathon?”  I’m telling you - if you’re a mom, you can handle running a half marathon.

       By mile 12 I picked up speed because the end was really close. I finally got to see Pat and Sophia at mile 12.5 and then again close to the finish line.

Here are some pictures of us after the race:

Checking out my medal

Love this pic of her watching the race and me running in the background

        Did you know the Nike Women’s Half Marathon came to D.C. last month? I didn’t realize it until after the event. This would be an awesome race to do. You get a beautiful Tifanny’s necklace at the finish line. Who’s in for next year? 

        Later in the day we went to the South Mountain Creamery to get some ice cream and visit the animals because Sophia loves them so much. 

Here is a picture of her playing on a big pile of rocks making her daddy proud.


  1. Hey girl! Congrats! I love the posting & your pics! Glad to see you enjoying it all! Xoxo karsten