Monday, April 22, 2013

10 mile training run

This past weekend I ran 10 miles with my friend. To be honest I can’t remember the last time I ran 10 miles, it was probably in 2010? I have increased my running mileage the last few weeks. I did NOT just decide to run 10 miles without building to that endurance level. I am planning on competing in the Frederick half marathon in two weeks. I’ve done this race once before in 2009. I have done numerous triathlons but this will only be my second half marathon.

 I actually think a triathlon is easier than a half marathon. Yes, you read that correctly-I think a triathlon is easier than a half marathon. In a triathlon you use different muscles but when it’s a running race you use the same muscles. I found myself more sore after my half marathon than any of my triathlons. Usually after races I come home and take a nap. Now that I have Sophia I don’t think taking a nap will be an option. ;) hehe

I am excited that she and my husband will be there to cheer me on for the race.

One advantage of doing a half marathon rather than a triathlon is that you don’t have to prepare a bag for each leg of the race. I don’t have to worry about packing a bag with my swim gear, bike gear, and run gear and then set up all my equipment at the transition area of the race. I am looking forward to just running. :) This will be my first race since Sophia. The last race I competed in was the Columbia Triathlon in 2011 which was before Sophia was born.

So, who is going to join me and train for a race?? You can do it! Seriously, you can! Racing is not nearly as important to me as it was before Sophia. But, I know that God made me to enjoy working-out, racing, and pursuing fitness and health. 
Here is a picture of us hanging out at the park this weekend. She was thrilled that she was holding onto Scotty's dog leash.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Adventures...

It is finally starting to feel like Spring! After a long, cold winter I am so ready to be outside. 

Today was just the beginning of our Spring adventures...

 She loved these rocks!
 Can you see the two big rocks in her hands?
 Showing her the water

  We are looking forward to being more active with Sophia this year. 

Are you ready for Spring? Did you get outside today?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

This Easter was a lot of fun. Last Easter Sophia was only 2 weeks old so we were a little sleep deprived. hehe Sophia was able to enjoy Easter festivities more this year which was fun!

Easter morning started out with Sophia checking out her Easter baskets.

She had her first tea party with daddy. The tea set was a gift from her great-aunt & uncle she got at her birthday party. 

We had lunch at her great-grandparent's house.

She even got to go on her first Easter egg hunt with her daddy.

This last picture was taken before we left. Can you tell she was really tired?

Hope you had a blessed Easter!


Sophia’s first birthday party

We had a ladybug first birthday party for Sophia. 

I’m very thankful for my family and friends that helped with the party. Sophia’s grandparents helped bring food and helped with the set-up and clean-up of the party. Sophia’s aunts helped by buying decorations, setting up, cleaning up, bringing drinks, and cupcakes. We are grateful to have special people in our lives that helped with the party. So, thank you! :)

We were excited that the weather looked good for her birthday party because it was held outside at the park near our house. However, we did not expect it to be windy. It was a great temperature when the wind did not blow.

Here are a few pictures from the party. 

              I wish I had more pictures of this table. It was so pretty!
This is my favorite picture.

She surprised us by not "attacking" the cake. Maybe she was overwhelmed with all the people watching her? Or maybe she was overwhelmed by the size of the cake. We ended up cutting her a slice of the cake and she ate that pretty well.

My friend made the adorable red ladybug tutu and matching shirt. (Tutu cute by Amanda) She’s awesome! I just love the tutus, headbands and accessories she makes.You can check her out here:

The cupcakes were from Georgetown Cupcakes.