Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sophia’s first birthday party

We had a ladybug first birthday party for Sophia. 

I’m very thankful for my family and friends that helped with the party. Sophia’s grandparents helped bring food and helped with the set-up and clean-up of the party. Sophia’s aunts helped by buying decorations, setting up, cleaning up, bringing drinks, and cupcakes. We are grateful to have special people in our lives that helped with the party. So, thank you! :)

We were excited that the weather looked good for her birthday party because it was held outside at the park near our house. However, we did not expect it to be windy. It was a great temperature when the wind did not blow.

Here are a few pictures from the party. 

              I wish I had more pictures of this table. It was so pretty!
This is my favorite picture.

She surprised us by not "attacking" the cake. Maybe she was overwhelmed with all the people watching her? Or maybe she was overwhelmed by the size of the cake. We ended up cutting her a slice of the cake and she ate that pretty well.

My friend made the adorable red ladybug tutu and matching shirt. (Tutu cute by Amanda) She’s awesome! I just love the tutus, headbands and accessories she makes.You can check her out here:


The cupcakes were from Georgetown Cupcakes. http://www.georgetowncupcake.com/

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