Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sophia's big girl room

          Sophia moved into her big girl a week ago. She's transitioned into her room pretty well because we've been talking about her new room for a few months and she helped "build" her new room.
          Patrick has been working on the trimwork for about two months and just finished last weekend! It would not normally take that long to complete trimwork but he only got a few hours on the weekends to work on it. I'm pretty sure the power tools would have woke her up from her nap and then we'd have a very grouchy toddler on our hands which is not fun for anyone!  
          We had great people paint the room and they finished in one day. Please let me know if you need some painters. Patrick's worked with them for years and we were very pleased with their work.

          Sophia loved helping her daddy put her room together. Here are some pictures of the progress of the room and the two of them working together. 

"I got just the tool you need, Dad."

"Mom showed me how to use the glue, dad. So, I got this."
G-Bob even helped with the room
"You're funny, G-Bob!"

She had to test out the paint before the painters came.

Tada! The empty, finished room!

Pat is going to build drawers for these openings on the right

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