Sunday, April 20, 2014

Some of my favorite recipes lately

Some of my go-to favorite dishes. All of these recipes or ideas were given to me by friends. It’s so nice to be inspired by other people so I thought I’d share what I like because you might enjoy the same. :)

This idea came from Smitten Kitchen: Mediterranean baked feta with tomatoes

A friend introduced this dish (and this website) to me, and that same weekend I made it two times. This recipe is so me! I love how all the ingredients are fresh and healthy. Here's a tip: this can be an expensive dish to make just once, but if you make it more than once in a week you won’t waste the leftover ingredients. I have eaten it alone for dinner or with some crackers. It’s also something my husband enjoys which makes me happy! In fact, he loved it on top of pasta. 

My friend inspired me to make this soup and I used the 100 Days of Real Food recipe. 

Here are the ways I modified the recipe:
- I did not put any bacon in the soup. However, my husband probably would have enjoyed the bacon.
- I also cut up carrots really small to add more veggies to the soup.
- I did not blend the soup because I like the texture of the small pieces of broccoli and carrots. I guess everyone has a different preference on how they like their soup.

Apple carrot muffins I don’t know about you, but I love muffins. They're even better when they are made with natural ingredients. I went through a phase this past January where I made these muffins quite regularly.

Ways I modified this recipe:
- I have made this recipe with and without carrots and both ways are delicious.
- I have used agave instead of honey a few times because I was all out of honey and both ways turned out great.

Another Smitten Kitchen recipe. I don't have a picture of this because it was eaten very quickly! I thought this was a fantastic sweet, chocolate treat. 

This turned out really great and even Patrick enjoyed it. I love how it's colorful, fresh, and healthy!

What about you? Do you have any great recipes you'd love to share?

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