Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day!!

It snowed today!!

Today was Sophia's first snow day. She honestly wasn't too fond of the snow. She must be just like her parents. :) We enjoy being out in the sunshine but we're not big fans of snow.

 She did like being pulled in the "sled". Scotty loves the snow and made her laugh.

These days one of her favorite things to do is read her animal books. It's so funny to see her get excited about animals. Her favorite animals seem to be dogs and pandas. I just love how she is showing her personality more and more each day.


  1. Fun! Anna didn't like the snow last year, but loved it this year. We are in the 60's here today :), which I prefer! That book is bigger than Sophia!

    1. Maybe Sophia will like the snow more next year then? I bet you got outside if it was in the 60's-awesome! You're right, the book is bigger than Sophia. lol Her great-grandfather said the same thing today. ;)