Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Choosing to see the beauty

Today I was driving to meet Patrick at a house he is working on. I "accidentally" drove the longer way to meet him. I drove through several farms instead of getting on the highway. The highway would have been a little faster but I would have missed the beautiful drive. 

It's funny how we often try to take the "short cut" in life but miss the "ride" along the way. The beauty of what I saw turned my attitude around. Right now we are going through a new transition. Transitions are hard but after the transition things get better. I love how God can touch your heart and speak to you using simple things like a car ride.

When I look at this last picture I just see the words, "A road to a new beginning". These pictures just remind me of God's love for us. Please "see" how God loves you today. :)