Sunday, March 17, 2013

A weekend of “firsts”

Yesterday I passed my personal trainer certification! I studied for a month. I’m so thankful I passed. I’m glad my love for fitness will help other people. I will be teaching stroller strides classes every Wednesday. It’s a work-out for moms with their babies in strollers. Stroller stride classes are held across the United States. If you get a chance to check a class out you should try it! You sing songs to keep the kids engaged and mommies get a work out and get to be with other mommies. It’s a great way to meet other people that live in your community.

Saturday we gave Sophia tastes of ice cream for the first time. She thoroughly enjoyed being fed an ice cream cone by her daddy. 

Patrick also helped her crawl up the stairs for the first time. Up until now she really would just go to the first stair and look up to the top of the stairs. I really have not encouraged her to learn how to climb the stairs but she was ready last night. A little later in the evening I was doing something in the kitchen and she was playing in the family room. I could hear her playing and I would check back in with her. All of the sudden everything got quiet. I went into the family room and then looked up the stairs and there was Sophia at the top of the stairs smiling and crawling all around the hallway as proud as could be. Silly girl! Ok, so that was scary and needless to say the baby gates are up in full force.

Today is also Sophia’s first St. Patrick’s day. Last year she was supposed to arrive before St. Patrick’s day but she was a week late.
She went to the nursery at church today for the first time. Usually we keep her with us during the church service but she is getting to be at an age where she wants to play. She had a lot of fun playing with new toys and new people. I’m so proud of her. When did you take your little one to the nursery for the first time?

I love experiencing Sophia’s firsts. :)

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