Monday, October 20, 2014

Fun at the fair

We visited the fair two times this year. The first time we went was late in the afternoon with G-Bob while Pat was traveling for work. I was pleasantly surprised that 3pm on a week day is an awesome time to visit the fair. I will have to remember this next year. Senior citizens get in for free before 3 pm during the week too which is awesome! We visited the animals and the tractors that day. 

Then a few days later when Pat came home from his work trip he and Sophia rode the rides. I'm not so sure who had more fun. lol Pat was thrilled that Sophia was up to ride the rides and was not afraid. I can only imagine how much fun next year will be! 

I think this picture of Isabelle is just adorable!

Sharing some fries. I owe you a sippy cup cousin Lila.

Ferris Wheel!

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