Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sophia's first kayaking adventure

Pat and I bought kayaks the summer of 2010. We used to go kayaking pretty regularly before we had Sophia in 2012. However, the past two years I think we have gone kayaking maybe two times.

Pat wanted to go kayaking several times last summer but I just didn't feel comfortable taking Sophia on the boat because she was still so little. Recently, since the weather has been nice Pat has been mentioning kayaking again and wanting to take Sophia. I thought, why not? 

We talked to Sophia about going kayaking and practicing how she would sit in the kayak. 

I honestly didn't think she'd like sitting in the kayak much but she proved me wrong. She had a blast! I guess she's like her parents - she loves the water!

Ready to go!

Peek-a-boo little Isabelle
Can you see her? She's 6 weeks old now!

Hope you all are out enjoying the beautiful weather!

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