Friday, July 25, 2014

Our sixth wedding anniversary

For our sixth wedding anniversary we went to our favorite restaurant for lunch- Ayse Meze. My wonderful mom came over at the girl's nap time to watch them while Pat and I got to go out and celebrate our anniversary. It was the first time Pat and I went on a date by ourselves since Isabelle was born. It was so amazing to go out to lunch and walk around downtown with just the two of us. 

After the girls got up from their nap we finished celebrating by going on a "Patrick adventure". We went to Monocacy battlefield park and walked along the path and walked down to the creek. Pat and Sophia splashed around in the water and threw rocks into the creek. I loved how there was a wooded trail that we could easily walk on. The park was well taken care of and very clean. We even walked up to this amazing house that was built in 1872. It's called the Gambrill house

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