Monday, June 16, 2014

Resources that helped during my pregnancy

I love it when people share about products they use or things that helped them so I thought I should write about things that really helped me during my pregnancy:

1.       Books
I really enjoyed reading these books because they educated me and also encouraged me to pursue natural childbirth.

My doula (Shawna) and a friend recommended this book. I found it very encouraging and there was even a chapter on vaginal birth after caesarean which of course I had to read first. The first chapter of the book was filled with other people’s birth stories. I don’t know about you but I love hearing other people’s birth stories. I appreciated how the book was dedicated to speaking positively about birth. Many people fear birth, but the book made the point that our bodies are meant to give birth and how it doesn’t have to be so painful. These were just the words I needed to hear!

This is the book that is part of the Hypnobirthing class. If you’re interested in Hypnobirthing then search for a class near you! This book really inspired me that natural childbirth was achievable. I watched several YouTube videos of people sharing their personal experiences with hypnobirthing. I also listened to the relaxation CD that was included in the book that helped me remain calm during the birth. I would often listen to the CD before bedtime to help me unwind and fall asleep better.

2.       Doula
My doula, Shawna was awesome! I loved using her as a resource because she was so knowledgeable. I valued her opinion and trusted her. I felt sao peaceful every time we met, which made me feel great! 

3.       Chiropractor  
I first visited the chiropractor when I was 20 weeks pregnant because I injured my tailbone and was in a lot of pain. My tailbone injury got better over time. As my pregnancy progressed I continued to go to the chiropractor to make sure the baby was in good alignment for delivery. It was nice that I could take Sophia to my appointments because they had toys in the room where I was adjusted and the appointment always went quickly.

4.       Husband
I’m very thankful for my husband!  I thank God that He brought him into my life. He was and is so supportive of me. Don’t tell Pat I listed him as #4, these items are not in any particular order!

5.       Exercise
I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy for many reasons. First, I was accustomed to working out and it made me feel “normal” because exercise is a part of my everyday life. It was good for my mind and body. I really just modified my exercise routine as my pregnancy progressed. I was very active when I became pregnant which helped me maintain many of my work-outs.

My exercise routine consisted of: spin classes, stroller strides, kickboxing, and running -- but not on the same day!  <@:-). When I was 20 weeks pregnant I stopped taking kickboxing but continued with everything else. I just modified my intensity with all of my work-outs. I also was not working out as many days a week. I basically listened to my body and if something didn’t feel right I stopped doing it.

I’ll admit I got some funny looks at the gym when I was running on the treadmill at 30 weeks pregnant and still taking spin until two days before I went into labor. I even got some crazy comments like, “you’re still pregnant?”  I say this because I want to encourage you:  don’t worry about what people say or the looks people give you. If you know you’re doing the right thing for you, the baby, and your body then do it!

I started taking yoga when I was about 22 weeks pregnant and continued until about 35 weeks. Yoga was so energizing! I always left class in a better mood. It always amazes me how the poses get harder to do as you get bigger – haha. It also helped me slow down and just breathe!

6.       Stay positive!

This is so important!! Both of the books I read stressed the importance of staying positive and not listening to negativity. Carrying a baby is hard work and unfortunately people don’t always realize that. People often forget that pregnant women are very sensitive and it’s good to speak positive and uplifting words. I was so thankful for people that were supportive and gave me positive words of encouragement. Thank you!

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